Rillian is a public health and data analysis consulting agency based in Charlottesville, Virginia (in the United States). It was established in January 2017 to meet the needs of organizations needing assistance or support with various aspects of population health research, particularly those related to community health assessments, as well as with data analysis.

Services offered focused on public health include population health and related research, community health assessments, community health improvement plans, public health accreditation board (PHAB) accreditation and reaccreditation (for health departments).  

Services focused on data analysis include analyzing data using R, Excel, Tableau Public, Google Sheets, or QGIS and creating reports of the results including narrative descriptions data visualizations, such as bar graphs, of the data. Data analysis services can also include assistance determining at varying stages, including assistance determining which data to collect or include in a dashboard.

Additional services include strategic planning, technical assistance, research, report writing, and other related services.

Rillian is a small, women owned agency that is a micro SWaM certified business in the state of Virginia.

For more information about Rillian or if you or your organization is interested in collaborating on a project , contact Jillian Regan at