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Twitter is a social media platform with 330 million active monthly users as of 2017 for sharing posts of up to 280 characters–as of November 2017; prior to November, the character limit was 140 characters–that can also include images, links to articles, and short video clips. Twitter is useful for health departments because it is low cost. Unlike running an ad in a newspaper or on the radio–there is no cost to share a post (called “Tweeting”), reply or share other users’ posts (called “Retweeting”), or like or otherwise engage with Tweets. The only costs are staff time and resources dedicated to creating the contentRead More →

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In the information age, organizations and departments within organizations often encounter the problem of data existing in silos, where one department or organization cannot easily access data that they need for a project from another department or organization. This can lead to inefficiencies, such as having to stop a project and use time and resources just to retrieve the data needed before the project could continue. Keep in Mind the Goals for the Data Project It is important to keep in mind the organization’s problem or goal which the data project needs to measure or address.(1)  Focus on that first instead of seeing what dataRead More →