Community Health Assessments (CHA’s), Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA’s), & Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP’s)

RILLIAN provides consulting as well as research for organizations conducting community health assessments (CHA’s), community health needs assessments (CHNA’s), or community health improvement plans (CHIP’s).

Community health assessments provide valuable insights into population health indicators for a community.

These assessments involve cross-sector collaborations between different types of organizations and/or businesses: ranging from non-profit and/or for-profit hospitals and health foundations, governmental agencies or health departments, nonprofit organizations, businesses, schools, as well as community members.

Community health improvement plans (CHIP’s) are strategic improvement plans based off of the community’s CHA’s/CHNA’s to improve upon specific community health indicators identified in the CHA’s/CHNA’s.

RILLIAN provides services to assist with any of the steps involved in conducting the CHA or the CHIP, or can assist with the entire CHA and/or CHIP, based on the clients’ needs.

Schedule a meeting with a consultant or email our public health consultant Jillian at to learn more about how RILLIAN can help your organization with your community’s CHA, CHNA, or CHIP.

Previous CHNA’s that RILLIAN has worked on:

Previous CHA that a consultant from RILLIAN worked on when working for a previous employer prior to becoming a consultant at RILLIAN:

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