RILLIAN is a consulting agency focused on Research & Insights Leading to Learning, Innovation And actionN (R.I.L.L.I.A.N).

RILLIAN helps businesses, organizations, brands, or individuals with projects relating to any of the above. RILLIAN helps projects moving from the research and insights phase into a learning, innovation or action phase.


Since 2017, RILLIAN has been helping organizations with research and insights as well as turning the insights gained from the research into learning, innovation, and action for their organization across multiple different sectors, fields, and disciplines.

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Jillian stepped in to help us at a critical time of our business’s growth. She learned new skills and software quickly, represented the company professionally and capably to our clients, was extremely organized, and had a high attention to detail. She was also a pleasure to work with!

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RILLIAN is based in the state of Virginia between Richmond, Virginia and Washington, DC, not far from other major East Coast cities including Boston, MA; New York City, NY; and Atlanta, GA.

RILLIAN is a small, women owned agency that is a micro SWaM certified business in the state of Virginia.