Population Health Data

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Population health data shows the rates of a health concern, disease, healthy behaviors, and other factors at the population level.

See how healthy your state is or access data from the 500 cities data project at https://rillianconsulting.com/health-indicators-state/

Get data on heart disease and stroke at  https://rillianconsulting.com/heart-disease-stroke-death-rates-u-s/ 

With data broken down:

  • by state or by locality within states,
  • overall or broken down by gender or race/ethnicity

Seasonal Flu data surveillance map from the CDC flu data available at https://rillianconsulting.com/influenza-seasonal-flu-weekly-surveillance-map/

BMI Calculators for Adults and Children at https://rillianconsulting.com/bmi/

Prediabetes Screening Tool at https://rillianconsulting.com/prediabetes-screening-tool/

Food safety tips from the CDC at https://rillianconsulting.com/food-safety/

Sodium (Salt) Intake Quiz at https://rillianconsulting.com/food-safety/